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Monday, May 10, 2004

I'm sneaking in a post here in between work I should be doing, phone calls I really need to be making, and in impending trip to Menard's with my husband. We're renovating our yard this summer. Moved in last year about this time and aside from planting a few perennials that didn't seem to winter very well, we didn't do anything to add a personal touch to the exterior. This year, however, I've got big plans. Already killed the dandelion infestation but now the grass needs to grow. And I need tomato plants (guess it's safe to plant since the temps have been in the 80s the past several days) and topsoil and a new rake, because the head keeps falling off the one we have. And a number of other things, many of which I'll get to the store, see the prices, and postpone purchasing until absolutely necessary. I'm quickly learning about the joys of homeownership.

And off I go. To the store and then...I promise...back to work. Talk 'atch later.


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