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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ugh. 6:30 am. Very early. Ummmgh. Coffee? Not yet. Very soon. Good coffee? Probably not. Free coffee is rarely good coffee. Even if the taste is up to par, it's likely that the staff will put out only enough caffinated stuff for 2 whole cups. The rest will be decaf, which won't do a damn thing to help me function. Grumpffurghm.

That's what I get for joining a networking group that meets at 7:00 am every Tuesday. It's a great group; don't get me wrong. But 7:00 is a bit early. And I was up until midnight watching 2 more episodes of Sex & the City last night. Don't have HBO, so hubby and I are catching up on the past 6 years of Sex. Uh, the series, that is.

See, I really am tired. And I'm late. And my hair is still wet. And my eyes aren't yet open, which will make it difficult (and dangerous) to drive to the meeting. Ummgh.


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