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Saturday, January 31, 2009

i'm firing myspace

Yeah, that's right. MySpace is no longer My Friend. Now I've had TWO pages deleted. The first was one I created for myself, just to see how the system worked. It lasted about two weeks before I noticed it had disappeared. I figured, okay, well, maybe it was a fluke...so I created another page for jazzchocolat, a group I play with. All was going well until a month or so ago, when that page ceased to exist as well.

WTH? I don't understand how this social media site is so popular if this keeps happening to people. There was no inappropriate/obscene content posted. And both times, I received no warning that the page would be deleted. They simply just vanished.

Apparently others have had this problem as well. One of the more interesting complaints I found was this: http://freemyspace.com/?q=node/89

Thanks, MySpace, but I think I'll stick with Facebook. It's much more fulfilling and entertaining, anyway.


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