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Friday, December 23, 2005

little drummer boy(s)

Last night turned into a bit of a jam session last night at Panache. Some nights you never know who's going to show...I was taken by surprise when I arrived to see a drumset sitting near the band area. A local drummer decided to come out and play with us. This would have been fine and dandy...provided he had asked if it would be ok to play before simply showing up with his equipment. I had already spoken with another drummer who wanted to come out and play with us that night--a young guy who is just looking for opportunities to play--and we had agreed that Thursday would be a good night. So then I was put in the position of having to tell drummer #1 (the one who brought all his stuff out) that we had someone else coming and drummer #2 (the young guy) that another fellow beat him to it. Everything worked out...we just made sure both drummers got playing time by having one play the first half of each set and the other taking the last...but it was still kind of awkward at first. Again, gig etiquette rears its head. Sigh.

We had fun though, and the crowd dug it. Kevin brought his vibes and we decorated them with Christmas lights. See the picture above...you'll see the lights, the Mallet Man himself, and yours truly, complete with prego belly.

Well, it's Friday night and since the Pere Marquette happy hour was cancelled I'm actually home. It's going to be a very exciting evening. Kevin has a gig in Champaign, so I'll be spending my time doing laundry and baking the final installment of pizzelle cookies. Hope your evening is as relaxing as mine...happy holidays to all!


Blogger Roger U Roundly said...

Well I guess it's better having 2 drummers than none. At least everyone behaved themselves..I once had a sax player sit in with the quartet and leave his stuff up on the stand(much to GG's chagrin)for later, which was tolerable- but a couple tunes later I look up and the guy's sister is up on the stand singing with us! She is actually a terrific person as it turns out, but I didn't know that then and would've preferred she'd asked anyway(the answer's usually yes, but ASK!)-so I gave her an icy look and she sat back down. These things happen. Waddyagonna do?

8:38 AM  

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