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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

kenny, kevin, & me

I'm experimenting with pictures again...if this takes, it's a shot from a couple of years ago at the Indy Jazz Festival. That's Kenny Garrett with Kevin and me. If not, forget I mentioned it. On to other things....

I'm watching Game #3 in the World Series as I type. Sox are leading, 5-4 in the 7th. This pleases most folks I know...my in-laws, because they're near Chicago and are huge Sox fans. My dad, because he hates all teams from Texas. And the local Cub fans, because their team didn't even come close to making the Series--for them I think the Sox are the next best thing. I'm rooting for 'em too...been to a couple of games over the past few years and enjoyed the experience. Well, except for the 2-hour rain delay earlier this year. There really isn't much to do at a ballpark when the game's not going on. You can eat, I guess, if you want to blow 6 months worth of salary. Or gig money (whatever it is that you do--however you get paid).

Hey musicians...do you ever set up gigs exclusively via the Internet? I'm playing a private party on Friday night that I booked about a month ago. I just opened an email one day asking if I'd be available to play on Oct. 28 for a cocktail hour. I didn't know this person, and I don't think she knew me--now that's having faith--what if I couldn't put a decent band together to save my life and if I sucked big time? Fortunately, I'm usually able to assemble a group of musicians that anyone would be happy to play with, and we work pretty well together. And I don't always suck...just the occasional gig here and there. :-)

Seriously, I've booked a few gigs this way. Sight unseen, sound unheard. Usually I'll send a demo CD out upon request, but this time there was no request. It's interesting. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this booking method.

My battery's low so I'd better sign off. More as it happens....


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