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Sunday, October 30, 2005

autumn leaves

Daylight savings time. I wish we had eliminated it this year instead of the planned 2007. Messing witht he time really screws up your schedule (that's why I was up at 7 am on a Sunday). Plus the whole getting dark at 5.00 thing stinks. Prozac, anyone?

Random thought: I'm excited about Halloween. For the first time in years I'll be able to hand out candy! Bought some Snickers and Paydays the other day for the occasion. I have no idea how many kids will be showing up--there aren't that many in the neighborhood--so I guess if we get only a slow trickle there'll be lots of goodies left to eat. Can't complain about that. (The pregnancy diet is basically an excuse to eat what you want, right?) I've done a little decorating...bought a couple of really cheap skull candles for the window, and last weekend I got together with a friend for our second annual pumpkin carving event. The little orange dudes are sitting in my front yard right now. So far, nobody's gotten the urge to smash them.

With November on our tails I'm realizing that other than the regular gigs I don't have that much going on. (Note the updated calendar to your left for updates.) I'm still planning on playing as much as possible through Feb. at least, or until I get so huge I can't even hold my sax without help. Still not sure what to expect in this area, but it'll be interesting to find out.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone. It's supposed to be beautiful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're eliminating DST??? But I NEED that extra hour on a weekend after marching season...this year it meant that our bedroom actually got picked up for the first time in months:)
~Your sister

2:49 PM  

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