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Sunday, January 01, 2006

january blooz

Whoo-ee, 2006. The most challenging feat when it comes to welcoming a new year is--no, no, not the post-New Year's celebration hangover (although it's worthwhile to note that a quarter pounder w/ cheese from McDonald's is indeed the ultimate cure)--remembering to write the correct year on checks & other important documents. This wasn't much of a problem when I worked a job where I was always writing the date on a daily basis--on instrument rental contracts, payment slips, and other misc. forms--but as a freelance writer I might actually pen this information once a week. So I feel this year will be a particular challenge.

Spent a relaxing evening last night at home. Neither Kevin nor I had gigs, so we took the opportunity to rent a couple of movies. Our film of choice for the evening: a bizzare and psychadellic film from 1968 called Candy. The description on the DVD box stated "a sexual satire" which we thought would be fun and entertaining to watch. The verdict: entertaining yes, to an extent, but I truly felt that we also needed to feel the effect certain recreational drugs to "get" this movie. Funny, I don't remember Walter Matthau, Richard Burton, or Marlon Brando listing this film in their movie credits in any interviews. Hmmmm. Oh, and for you Beatles fans, Ringo Starr makes an appearance as well. Check it out and you'll soon understand why his movie career didn't take off after this point.

Once I have the January Panache lineup set I'll update the gig calendar. Beware that it'll be a bit sparse. Other than Panache (Thursdays) and the Pere (Fridays) I don't have anything lined up for the next couple of months. An opportunity for a Swing Daddies gig did arise near the end of February, but I'm uncertain as to whether to take it or not. That's getting close to the big due date and I don't want to leave anyone hanging last minute if I have to head to the hospital to deliver our firstborn. I also don't want to end up going into labor on a gig. Wonder what the odds of that happening might be?

Happy new year to all...hope 2006 is a fantastic one for ya!


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