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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ohmigod...I'm becoming a blog addict. Three posts in one day. One each for morning, noon, and night. Maybe it's just because this is new for me? Procrastination seems to be the cause, blogging the remedy. Not that a cause requires a remedy...that doesn't even make sense. But...you know. Who's reading this, anyway? Probably no one but me, so it's ok.

Three posts in one day and I still don't really have anything to say. Did a lot today. Edited an assignment, taught a sax lesson, went to a picnic, dropped by some friends' gig, and the kicker...missed tonight's Gilmore Girls episode! I've been a GG fan since season 2. Love the show and its snappy dialogue and great characters. I set the VCR to record it and something happened and it didn't record squat. Anyone out there get it on tape? Care to loan it to me? Puh-leeze??

I need to get off the computer and read a book or something. Tomorrow I'll reek of discipline and dedication. Have a gig tomorrow night with the Swing Daddies, so I can talk about that. I'm signing off now...g'night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dont play the creole cafe, they cancell bands with out letting them know, and full bull shit reasons when you do find out. Kind of place that gives the blues a band name.. g

3:26 PM  

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