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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Road trip

Lots to report here but I don't want to ramble too much so I'll try to keep things brief...I don't have much time as I have a lot of stuff to do before heading down to St. Louis tonight to catch the Caribbean Jazz Project at the Bistro...but more on that later.

Panache update
Thursday was better. We did some newer tunes...as a group. I did have to ask one of our perpetual sitter-inners to give us some time to work through our "new" tunes, to which he responded, "So what, you don't think I can read them?" Not the point, dip$*%#!. Thing is, it's nice to have things sound a certain way sometimes, and if I've hired piano and bass to help achieve that sound, and it doesn't have to include...well, any other instrumentation, and you should just nod and say, "ok, cool." Because it ISN'T YOUR GIG. Anywho, he did sit down but about 3 tunes later, when we began a blues, he jumped right back up there. One step at a time, I guess.

Road trip!
We've been on the road quite a bit lately. Last Sat. we went to the Jazz Showcase in Chicago to catch Gary Burton, which was excellent. Tonight we're meeting some musician-friends in St. Louis at the Bistro (see above) and tomorrow we're going back to the Showcase to see Benny Green. So we're literally all over the map this weekend, from the middle to the south to the north back to the middle again. It should be fun, though, and seeing such high caliber of musicianship is always inspiring. Yes, even if none of the groups include a saxophone. :) Actually, I have no idea what the current instrumention of the CJP will be. The bio on the Bistro's web site mentioned Paquito D'Rivera as an original member, but I doubt he's with the group now.

So I'll wrap up now. I've had a crazy week with meetings and a couple of writing projects to wrap up, and a couple new projects to begin. So stuff at home has fallen behind a bit and I really need to catch up.

Have a great weekend, all. Check ya later.


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