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Monday, October 25, 2004

Blogging squared
So I've launched a second blog, this time for business purposes. Thought it might be a good way to offer additional info about my writing biz as well as various tips and such. Actually, I really need to define the purpose of this blog before I add to it (there is now one measly entry...but feel free to view here). This is a part marketing, part...well, a way to make me write regularly, even during slow weeks. Sorry, no music stuff will appear in the new blog.

Guatemalian greetings
The Crawfords have put up an online album with some great pictures. I'll attempt to make this link active but it's all HTML code and I'm not sure that it will transfer well here.

Andy says he's not been thinking too much about music (he's busy learning Spanish and other sorts of cultural things!) but did mention that he's considering having a marimba built once he and Erin arrive at their permanent site for the next couple of years. Cool.

This week's gigs
This week it's just Thursday at Panache and Friday at the Pere. Doing a quartet on Thursday, with myself, Kevin, Dan "Sweetie" Diefendorf, and Doug Falk. Should be fun. I hope the crowd is a bit larger than last week. After 2 folks joined us in the second set last time, there were more band memebers performing than people in the coffee shop! (employees not included) That's kinda sad. BUT the folks there were appreciative. Maybe they felt sorry for us?

More later, if I get time to post.


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