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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

question & answer

Title inspired by the recent trip to see the PMG, even though they didn't play this particular tune. Also...

Why, after spending all day in front of my computer, do I opt to plop down in front of the monitor at night, too? My eyes already hurt.

I have no idea. But I did just find something cool online. I've already mentioned that I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and after watching tonight's episode I visited the GG fan site I found a "link this site" section. I'm gonna copy the HTML code and see if I can put the banner under my own links section. Sorry, it's not music related, but that's the way it goes. I'm addicted to this show! BTW, Luke & Lorelei are back together. :-)

Ok, on to the music stuff.

The Knox-Rootabaga Jazz Festival is just about here! Those of you who've never heard of this festival (and I'll bet there are a lot of you), you're probably asking (1) what's this festival all about? and/or (2) what's a rootabaga?

I'll try to provide better answers for this set of questions.

(1) The Knox-Rootabaga Jazz Festival takes place in Galesburg, IL at my alma mater, Knox College. For a dinky 'lil farm town, this is one cool festival, and if you're anywhere near the area I highly encourage you to attend. Wonderful musicians have been featured over the years, including Curtis Fuller, The Hornheads, Bobby Shew, Joey DeFrancesco, Benny Green, and others. Here's the schedule for this year:

March 10 - Faculty & Friends Jam Session, 8 pm to midnight

March 11 - Knox Alumni Big Band directed by former Knox Jazz Prof. Scott Garlock (8 pm), Youngblood Brass Band (10 pm to midnight)

March 12 - Knox College Jazz Ensemble directed by Nikki Whittaker, Matt Wilson Arts & Crafts (7.30 pm)

'Baga is like homecoming for the jazzers. We hang for the weekend and forget we're now self-respecting adults...and regress to the sloppily drunken habits of our college years. (hic) It's a blast! Won't you join us?

(2) This is courtesy of Dictionary.net:

noun1: the large yellow root of a rutabaga plant used as food [syn: swede, swedish turnip, yellow turnip] 2: a cruciferous plant with a thick bulbous edible yellow root [syn: turnip cabbage, swede, Swedish turnip, rutabaga plant, Brassica napus napobrassica]

Cool, huh?

Jazz this week:

Thursday @ Panache w/ Trefan Owen (guitar) & Jamie Jenkins (bass), 7.30-10.00 pm
Friday @ Pere Marquette w/ the Fulton Street Gang, 5.00-7.30 pm

Sat. is free but I think I'm having a rehearsal for my group on Sunday. Got a gig coming up at the Contemporary Arts Center in a couple of weeks and I'd like to do some new material.

Enjoy your week!


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