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Thursday, February 10, 2005

winter waltz

That's the title of an original tune by good friend and trumpeter Dave Hoffman. Since it snowed yesterday, I think it's fitting for a post title.

Last Saturday we went to the David "Fathead" Newman concert. It was great to (1) have something cool to do in town and (2) to actually have some jazz happening around here!

"Fathead" (I don't feel badly about calling him by his nickname...he apparently likes it. I guess I can stop putting it in quotes, then, too) sounded great--I really like his approach to playing. He's not flashy (although he may have been more so in his younger years) but plays stuff that sounds good, and he's got an incredibly rich tone on alto, tenor, and even flute.

Fathead gave a clinic in the afternoon, too, in the typical Q & A format most clinicians adopt. I was pleased that nobody asked the usual questions, like, "What kind of reeds do you use?" "What's your mouthpiece?" Many useful questions were asked instead, like how does he approach playing alto and tenor differently, if at all, and what up-and-coming artists does he listen to today (fyi, he likes Mark Whitfield, Nicholas Payton, and even Dave Koz). At the end of the clinic he invited students up to jam on "All Blues." About 15 horn players got up (plus a rhythm section of ISU students) and performed the longest version of this tune ever.

Finally had time to take a listen to Sam Crain's new CD, "Bird's Eye View" in which I was honored to have been asked to make an appearance on a tune. The CD sounds really good...all tunes are Sam's originals and the musicianship is excellent. In fact, I just sent an email off to the alto guy who played on most of the recording. I like his playing a lot...I should try to get a lesson or two with him. Would do me good, I think. It's kinda cool to have been captured on a "real" recording...I'm ok with my work on the track I played on...there are things I could've done to sound more interesting but I didn't hit any big bad notes, so all's good. Listening to yourself really is a humbling experience.

Got a couple of gig notices for anyone who is interested:

Tonight @ Panache with Dave Hoffman & Jamie Jenkins, 7.30-10.00 pm

Saturday @ the Rhythm Kitchen with the Swing Daddies, 7.30-10.30 pm

I'm taking Friday night off from the Pere to help my good friend, musician buddy, and former college roommate Nikki celebrate her birthday. We shall eat, drink, and be merry.

Have a great weekend. I'll report gig stories should anything notable arise.


Blogger jazzofonik said...

I too enjoy Ftahead's playing and general attitude (in so far asits been expressed in his interviews) though I've never caught him live, I have his latest album Song for the New Man and its a regular spin for me. Like you I still have to master the art of posting photos

great site and goodl luck

10:29 AM  

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