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Friday, February 11, 2005

like someone in love

Post title is inspired by a tune that's currently playing on my radio dial. I suppose it's also appropriate b/c Valentine's Day is approaching. For tips on how to wow your sweetheart, check out Jason Mraz's blog.

So I haven't yet mastered the Hello download for posting pics--actually I had it installed on my computer but it started messing with my Messenger program so I uninstalled it--but I have managed to track down some code to post links. Check the left hand corner under the archives & you'll see some additions. More to come later...these are just a few URLs I posted to test this feature.

I worked really hard yesterday getting some promotional stuff in line for the writing biz. I'm getting set to do my first postcard mailing of the year--plan to stick with this at least quarterly this year. I did one last year and out of about 300 postcards sent (about 25-30 were returned due to outdated addresses...this is what happens when you compile a list yourself using the Yellow Pages) I only got one new client, but that paid for the printing/postage costs so....I'll give it another, more regular, go this time. I've also got several potential projects pending, one of which is a newsletter. This is ideal, b/c newsletters are regular publications, which means regular work = regular paycheck for me! I just need to land about 4 or 5 more regular newsletter clients. Also, a couple of brochures are in the "maybe" stage, and I'm meeting a graphic designer next week to see if we might be able to scrounge up some work together.

TGIF! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and remember, if you're out and about in Peoria this weekend, check out the SwingDaddies at the Rhythm Kitchen tomorrow! 7.30-10.30 pm...join yours truly, Kevin (keyboards), Mike Nellas (guitar), and leader/drummer Dan Diefendorf for an evening of fun, fun, fun.


Blogger Me said...

Hey there Jazzwriter,

What kind of writing do you do? About music? Are you articles posted on the internet somewhere to read?


11:54 AM  

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