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Monday, August 16, 2010

handful o' gigs

This blog, dead? No way. It was just on a long hiatus, and with good reason. I really haven't played many gigs over the past year. Haven't had the opportunity to see/hear much live music, either. When a new baby is added to the family mix it makes it tough for us mother-types to get out much. However, daughter #2 (who loves music, by the way, just like her big sis) is approaching her first birthday and it's getting easier to leave her with another caregiver, so slowly (but surely) I am making a comeback in the music world. I just hope I don't embarrass myself too much or offend anyone whose ears listen overly discriminately.

I've played a few gigs this summer--two CEFCU Stage dates on the Peoria Riverfront (with Billy Cook and the Swing Daddies) and an Uptown Farmer's Market date with my own group. Thought I'd share a couple pictures taken by local music lover/talented photographer Ralph Weisheit. You'll see local favorites Kevin Hart, Andy Crawford, Tom Marko, and yours truly in the band.

If anyone's still checking in here, thanks for looking, and I hope you have survived/are surviving the cutback of music since the economy took a dive. Keep on playing!

Da band.

Awesome rhythm section.

So cool he's gotta wear shades.

Piano man.

Compare to pics in last post--the baby belly is gone!


Anonymous Jazz Music Website said...

That's so cool that your daughter loves music. Your band looks very interesting and looks like you are having fun!

11:53 AM  

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