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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Have i lost the write stuff?

Better question...did I ever have it in the first place?

I'm taking a break from griping about music stuff today. Instead, I'll gripe about writing stuff. To put it bluntly: I'm lame. Even the title of this post is lame. How trite can I get? "Write Stuff." That's so overused.

I haven't been very motivated this week, even though I have several projects I need to be working on. I actually have been working but my general creativity and specific wordsmithiness has taken a turn for the worse. Early in the week I blamed it on the weather (it's been rainy, then snowy, then rainy again). Then I blamed it on the upcoming holiday. This morning I blamed it on stuffing myself with stuffing and overindulging on the absolutely awesome pumpkin pie my sister put together. Today I blame it on post-holiday whatever. Tomorrow, who knows? I'm getting very good at displacing blame.

But enough of that. I'm sure that at the last moment possible a stroke of genius will capture my being and cause my keyboard to pound with vigorous strokes. I just hope it's not too last minute because I have the same deadline--Dec. 1--for three of my projects. Oy.

But the traditional Turkey Day was great. Both of them were great, actually. This year we split the festivities between two days--Thursday at the Harts, Friday at the Smiths. Usually we try to do both dinners on the same day, which would be ok except for the driving time in between houses, and then it never feels as if we've got enough time with any one family. This year there was plenty of time to eat, groan about being full, play a few games, torment a few family members, eat some more, groan some more (repeat cycle endlessly)....And today we don't have to drive anywhere and that's real nice. I haven't left the house yet and may not do so all day.

I hope your holiday was as relaxing as mine has been. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and we'll see you back here sooner or later--sooner if I still can't seem to write anything but crap and need to vent, or later if I instead resort to eating the remainder of the leftovers in the fridge and explode from an expanded intestinal track and happiness.

Caio, or in light of the season, CHOW!


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