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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I don't get it. Now my first attempt at an intelligent, artful post has appeared. I thought it disappeared into cyberspace for all of eternity, or that it ended up on someone else's blog by mistake. Now my readers (both of them) will see that it wasn't so intelligent and artful as I have claimed. Sorry.

As procrastination sets in I think I'll add a few more tidbits here. Like reading blogs? Check out these notable ones of sorta-famous-but-not-too-famous folks:

Jason Mraz
Under-rated musician slowly gaining media attention. He just may be the savior of contemporary popular music today.

Wil Wheaton
Former Star Trek NG whiz kid Wesley Crusher and leech dude from Stand By Me. One of the best blogs on the net if you want good, entertaining writing & storytelling.

Both guys posted yesterday (Nov 29).

Ok, now I'm getting to work.


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