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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ah, well, another 'Baga has come and gone. I didn't have a chance to report live from Galesburg, so I'll try to recapture the eventful weekend as I remember it a few days later.

Thursday night--the Faculty & Friends jam session--was a ton of fun. I did make the suggestion for next year to rename the session Faculty & Friend (singular) since everyone who participated either teaches at Knox currently or has taught there in the past. I guess I should feel special knowing that I'm the only one invited (voluntarily?) as a friend, not an employee. Ha.

It was a little strange not having the jam at Cherry Street, which is where 'Baga has always been. The combo is playing at McGillicuddy's this year, so that's where most 'Baga events took place. It's a nice establishment. Though not as intimate as Cherry Street, there is a nice stage area with lots of room for the band. And there's a bigger bar. Can't beat that, now, can ya?

Friday night the alumni big band kicked off the evening and the Youngblood Brass Band finished it off. The guys in the YBB are super energetic--and super loud. I really liked what they were doing...it was different, mixing elements of second-line drum beats, funkified tuba lines (he was the bass player), a couple of wailing trumpets, and a tenor man, who was the only guy in the group who could have been a bit louder. The snare guy/vocalist delivered some rap-type-stuff which was actually pretty neat (I do wish I could have understood what he was saying tho). Kevin had to retrieve some ear plugs from the car (fortunately I had a pair in my sax case, which we sliced up to make enough for the two of us) about a quarter of the way through the show. Must be getting old.

We stayed for 4 am hangs both Thursday and Friday night, and headed back to Normal on Saturday afternoon. I hear the concert Sat. night was good...it featured the current KJE lineup and Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts group.

Managed to take some decent pics with the digital camera. I wish I was smart enough to figure out how to post the darn things here. If anyone knows how to work this "Hello" program please share your expertise...I've got it downloaded on my computer, but I haven't had time to mess with it to see if I can actually get things to work properly.

I think I've finally recovered from this two-night adventure. I conked out real early the past several nights. We 30-year-olds don't bounce back like we used to in college! I guess by now I should know better. :)

I'll go ahead and post gigs for the weekend because it's going to be a busy week and I'm not sure I'll make it back here again to add more stuff:

Thursday @ Panache w/ Dave Hoffman & Jamie Jenkens, 7.30-10.00 pm

Friday @ the Contemporary Arts Center w/ Cassie Hart & Friends, 5.30-7.30 pm

We've got a few new tunes to debut on Friday so be sure to check us out! Hope to see the locals out and about--and thanks, as always, for supporting jazz.


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