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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Title post inspired by the wonderful jazz duo I'm currently listening to live at Panache. I think the pianist is hot. I'll be taking him home tonight. (That's not as crude as it sounds. Anyone who knows me also knows that I'm married to the guy.)

When I logged onto Blogger a moment ago, I saw a note about adding word verification to avoid comment spam. Interesting, isn't it? Why would someone spam in comment form? I've gotten a couple of non-sensical responses in my guestbook...mostly stuff saying, "Nice site design! " What's the point of this? Needless to say I haven't followed any of the links. Do others do this? Weird stuff.

This has been a generous summer for gigs...but I must say I'm getting kind of tired of playing outdoors. (I know...musicians are never happy.) Then again if it weren't for the outdoor gigs I would probably just be playing my 2 steadies (Thurs. & Fri. nights) and the occasional summertime wedding reception. I've got outdoor stuff booked through October, so I hope the weather is kind once fall arrives. The summer has been so darn hot that it just hasn't been any fun to play. I've noticed on those hot, humid days that I often feel short of breath for the first half of the first set. I can't hold notes out for very long and I have to keep phrases fairly short, otherwise I get dizzy. Guess that's a surefire way to keep solos short, anyway. After I get used to the heavy air I'm fine. Sweaty, tired, and grumpy, but fine.

But I digress. From what I'm not certain...I don't particularly have any useful insight to share today, so I'll keep this post short (like those solos). Have a great week, and make sure to get out and support some live music this week/end, wherever you are!


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