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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

c jam blues

It's been a pretty exciting day in the music world. I ended up booking a number of gigs: a jazz n' steak fundraiser and several potential gigs with a group that may be losing its regular sax player, at least for a while. The best part is that every single one of these gigs will be in town. That's right, no driving the I-74 westbound construction-based disaster zone (I think the crews are on strike or something) for these gigs!

The other big news doesn't concern myself so much as it does my superbly musically-talented husband. He got to be a guest DJ for a day on GLT and...here's the really big news...he got the first shipment of his new CD today. It's called "The Road to Everywhere" and will be available shortly on CD Baby. His website is also about ready to go live and when it does I'll post the link here. If you're in the area, you can catch his group (Kevin Hart & the Vibe Tribe) this Thursday night on the Peoria Riverfront (7.30-9.30pm) as part of the CEFCU/ParkDistrict Summer Jazz Series. Yes, I know I'm promoting a gig that competes with my own (Panache). I'm just glad that this week it's not me who has to be outdoors in 90+ degree heat performing! I'll be indoors, in the air-conditioning, sipping iced tea in between solos.

The Iowa City Jazz Festival is this weekend. We'll be attending, for like the 5th or 6th year in a row. It's a great, FREE, festival in the heart of downtown Iowa City. This hear promises to be another fabulous time with a host of fantastic musicians, including Eric Alexander, Conrad Herwig, and my favorite living altoist/headliner: Kenny Garrett. If you are anywhere within a day's drive of Iowa City, I urge you to make a point to attend!

Blogger is very slow today so I'm going to sign off before I get too annoyed. Have some swingin' dreams this week, all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sunday, 4:51PM CST: I'm just now finding about the Iowa City Jazz Festival. Oh, the horror. Please, please, please give us some sort of concert report. I've never seen Kenny Garrett, but I've seen Eric Alexander play in Munich and Chicago and love his sound. And if there were a Harold Mabern fan club, I'd be a member. Do check out his latest trio CD, "Fantasy," as it includes quite possibly the greatest recording ever of the "Sesame Street Theme." Harold's an all-round great guy. But I digress...

2:57 PM  
Blogger jazzmom said...

Thanks for the note, John. I just posted the festival overview, and I'm with ya...Eric Alexander was fantastic. Thanks also for the tip off on Mabern's 'Fantasy.' I'd love to hear the Sesame Street theme!

12:42 PM  
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