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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

september song

September must be the month for private parties. I've got two lined up for this weekend and at least one each weekend for the remainder of the month. Events range from weddings to general banquet-type things. This is where musicians make decent money, which makes up for (at least some of) the gigs that don't pay much and now cost an extrordinary amount of cash to cover transportation. In defense of the lower-paying gigs, I must say that they are usually the most fun to play, so paying out the wazhoo for gas is a minor inconvenience. (I say this now, anyway, until I have to fill the gas tank again.)

Most of my work is still in Peoria (90-mile round trip) but I seem to be playing more in town, finally. Part of this is due to recently joining jazzchocolat', a local vocals-sax-trombone-guitar-bass group that's been together for several years. The band plays once a month at a local club, and the occasional private party (also mostly in town). A few other things have come up also, thanks to several WGLT-sponsored events. So at least some work is local. I just wish the Bloomington-Normal scene was better. Heck, I wish B/N had a scene!

Other news that doesn't really include me but may be of interest to other musicians: Kevin's new CD, The Road to Everywhere, is doing well. He's sold copies on CD Baby, at gigs, and at the locations that agreed to carry a local independent artist. And GLT has been playing several tracks. In fact, we woke up to his version of Foolish Heart yesterday morning. Not the standard My Foolish Heart, but the Journey variety. If you haven't done so yet, check out Kevin's website. He's got sound clips of all the tunes, so be sure to take a listen while you're there. Good stuff!

Seeya onstage....


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