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Friday, May 28, 2004

Things have been really busy lately so I haven't had a chance to post much. That's ok...there haven't been any overly exciting developments around here, anyway.

Played last night at Panache and had a smaller but appreciative crowd. I was happy to drive to and from Peoria on a near-full tank of gas. Last time I had to fill up on the way home and it cost a whopping $38. Ridiculous...I don't know what the deal is with gas prices...but I'm not hearing anyone really question this obscene level of financial commitment for vehicular freedom. I'd take public transportation but it's pretty piss-poor around here...and besides, what choice do those of us who travel as part of our working livelihood have but to succumb to the oil fiends and pay the price they demand? And I'm not even driving an SUV, which I understand costs much more than 40 bucks to fill. I'm driving a Nissan (which is having problems right now and sucks down gas as a result) and a mini-van right now. I've pretty much quite driving around town unless I absolutely have to. Fortunately, we've got an excellent bike trail system that winds through a good part of town, particularly the parts we frequent. (libraries, post office, restaurants, bank, coffee shops, etc)

Enough complaining. It's Friday, it's a holiday weekend, and I've got stuff to do. I'm even gonna ignore this stupid headache that's threatening to take over my day and forage ahead with a couple of projects I've been working on. One of which I should mention...I'm getting ready to launch an Ezine called WriteTips (issue date: June 1). It's free and anyone who is interested can sign up to receive it on my website.

It'll contain tips for those who have to write as part of their jobs, volunteer positions, etc. I'm excited about this...it's a big step in my marketing plan for my writing biz.

Have a great weekend, y'all, if I don't check in again before it's over.


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