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Monday, December 20, 2004

best buy scares me

Wow. Just returned from about 2 hours of shopping and I'm incredibly worn out. It's amazing how waiting in line can really make you sleepy. And why? All you do is stand there. Inspect your fingernails, maybe. Do a little dance every time some screaming kid throws a fit in the middle of the aisle because he/she doesn't belong to you.

Waiting in line isn't strenuous or anything, but it tuckers you out just the same. It tuckers me out, anyway. I'd take a nap, but that just seems like a waste of time. And since I dedicated last Thursday afternoon and all day Friday to holiday preparation--frantically working to finish my homemade holiday gifts and glued to my kitchen churning out dozens upon dozens of cookies for friends--I really feel as if I need to get some work done.

So here we are, back in blogosphere. I guess this could be considered, indirectly, work. After all, I'm writing, and I'm a writer. And one of the purposes of this blog is to promote gigs, as I'm also a musician. So taking into account the creativity it takes to write this stuff (stop laughing, now) and factor in the professional PR aspect and *ding*! We've got a winner. I must be working now, after all.


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