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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

penultimate gig of 2004

That's right, the next-to-last gig of this year (for me, anyway) is this Thursday at Panache. We'll feature Dave Hoffman (piano/trumpet) and Jamie Jenkins (bass) along with yours truly. Usual time (7.30-10.00).

Speaking of Panache, I need to thank the staff (John and girls) for making last night special...it was my birthday (the big 3-0) and Kevin arranged for the Panache crew to provide an absolutely huge and yummy cake. And thanks to the band for sounding great as always (Kevin, Myke, Dr.Bob, Jamie) and to all the friends & family that made it out to support the music and to wish me well as I begin to embark on the next decade of life. Thanks to Jane, who, as our new tradition has it, brought me both graduation AND birthday cards (our little joke) and to my folks, who were present and were as supportive as ever (they've got it rough...not one but TWO kids who pursued music...one of which who also married a full-time musician...we'll never make enough dough to buy the mansion-like retirement home you deserve, sorry :). And to those who sent a few b-day greetings via email & voicemail (Peg, Sam). And of course to my wonderful husband, who is truly the sweetest person in the world and makes me feel special, like it's my birthday every day of the year. Love ya all!!

So more music notes...I mentioned some time ago a recording session that I took part in a few months back. You can download and/or listen to some files from the upcoming CD at Springfield's finest guitarist's, Sam Crain, iSound website. I believe the first several tunes are from the new CD. I'm on "Trail of Suds" only, Kevin is on most everything I think. Sam wrote all the tunes. He's really a wonderful composer and talented all-around musician. I need to make a point to start playing more of his stuff. Anywho, take a listen, folks. If you like what you hear, he'll soon have the CD available on his CD Baby website.

Time's up. I'm at Latte Time Coffee Shop, taking advantage of wi-fi technology as I download a new virus scan program. PC Cillin expired and I'm too cheap to buy the full version post trail period.

Happy holidays to all!


Blogger Ismael de Andrea said...

Hi! Girl!

Soy un fanatico del jazz, argentino de Buenos Aires.

Me encantaria que intercambiemos datos y comentarios sobre el jazz.

Un beso

10:57 AM  

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