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Saturday, January 22, 2005

hello cold world


Yes, that's a greeting but it's also a reminder to myself to check out the Hello! feature for Blogspot. Apparently you can upload pictures w/o them having to be posted online somewhere first. It'd be nice to put up a few pics every now and then, especially now that I've got the digital camera. Been taking lots of pics at gigs, mostly Panache and a couple of Kevin's Rhythm Kitchen performances.

Weather update: COLD and snowy. Apparently much of the Midwest got dumped on last night but we here in Central IL are just seeing a few flurries and a lot of wind.

I hope the inclement weather elimniates itself before next week, as I've got a lot of driving to do for gigs. Of course none are in town--I'll be going to Peoria 4 times and Galesburg once. This town is absolutely horrible when it comes to live music. I can't figure it out. A few jazz gigs do exist, but there is virtually no support for any of them. Even though we've got the only radio station with a 24-hour jazz format (WGLT) in practically the whole state, Chicago included. And even though there are 2 universities and 1 community college in town. It's sad, really. There are a lot of good musicians locally and they really deserve greater amounts of appreciation.

Big news: The Yellowjackets are coming out with a new album on March 25. Bob Mintzer said on the YJ fan forum: We're excited about the Altered State cd. It may be the best Jackets cd yet. That gets me pretty excited, too! Their last CD was great (TimeSquared) and the double disc they issued under their own label -- recorded live--was awesome as well. They'll be at the Bistro in St. Louis in May, and Kevin and I plan on going. Talked to Greg, the drummer in my quartet, and he's interested in checking them out too. Should be a fun time. The countdown begins!

Stay warm everyone. Check back again soon.


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