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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

delta bali blues

Kenny Garrett is so cool.

Got a bit o' "Songbook" nestled in the CD player and it's literally music to my ears. For the first time in 2 weeks I'm doing something leisurely...updating my blog of choice (I really also need to update my biz blog) while enjoying KG. Well, I did make time for guilty pleasures Gilmore Girls (it's Tuesday night, after all) and One Tree Hill. I'm a true GG fan but have become addicted to OTH as well, since it's on right afterwards. Silly, I know, as it's just another teen drama and I'm too old to get into that stuff, right? Shhh...don't tell anyone. Anyhow, the character development is pretty good--or at least interesting.

Played Sunday night at the Pub in Galesburg--good times. I took my horn out today to teach a couple of lessons and it reeked of smoke, though. Hope I didn't leave a bad impression on the kids!

Just finished an article for Dynamic Graphics mag and I'm heaving a huge sigh of relief. While the subject matter was quite interesting, I think I spent almost too much time on the manuscript. Normally I just do product reviews, but this time the editor offered me a feature article and of course I said yes. Even though journalism isn't really my thing--I'm focusing on marketing/promotional copy--I knew it would be a good experience. And it pays well. But since this was the first "major" assignment I've had of this nature for DGM, I wanted to do a bang-up job. Not sure I did this exactly, but I sure tried. There comes a point when you just have to say STOP---I can't read this again or revise anymore. You can always find a better word or change a comma or something. The process never really ends by itself, and no piece is perfect. The author will always find some fault with her work.

Kinda like a musician listening to his own solo.

I'm tired. My eyes hurt. I'm goin' to bed. See y'all back later in the week.


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