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Thursday, February 03, 2005

just friends

I've decided to be oh-so-very original and start titling these posts after tunes. Unless I'm feeling overly creative and have a better idea, that is. Don't bother reading into them...I can assure you that they won't have any significant meaning.

Playing tonight at Panache with guitarist Steve Degenford and bassist Jamie Jenkins. Tomorrow at the Pere with the Fulton Street Gang. And this weekend...I have off! That's actually a good feeling, given the last couple weeks that were busier than hell and last week when I played 5 gigs in 7 days. Far be it from me to complain. It's just that everything seems to happen at once rather than being distributed evenly throughout days, weeks, months, etc. Which leads to stress, and makes me bite my nails more than I already do and what's a woman to do with nasty, chewed-up nails?

Ok, that was kind of disgusting. Sorry.

So about the weekend...there's a jazz concert in town: David "Fathead" Newman. Sponsored by the local jazz station. Tickets are only $12 and Kevin and I are going, since we both have the night off, and we've invited his parents to join us. When I picked up the tickets yesterday I asked how many seats have been sold so far, and the gal at the desk replied, "Oh, about 600." That's great news, because last year's concert (Jazz Master's Concert) was pretty dead, attendance-wise. Ron Carter was the featured artist and I guess Central Illinois isn't too hip to him. There were only about 100 people there at most.

So this concert should be fun. Saw Fathead a few years ago at the Iowa City Jazz Festival with a group of All-Stars...Buster Williams, Billy Hart, Curtis Fuller, Cedar Walton, and a few others I wasn't familiar with at the time. He sounds good.

Will try to come up with a review of sorts to post here after the concert. I should probably get something else to All About Jazz to. It's been a while since I wrote anything for the site...not that they need my content, but it's a nice outlet to do some writing & jazz stuff, together.

Gotta get going on my ezine. It was due out Tuesday and it's late b/c of the DGM article.



Blogger Meghan said...

So glad to find your comment on my site! I'll make sure to visit often and give you a shout-out on my site. I was once a blogspotter myself, but find that typepad is much superior (though not free).

10:16 AM  

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