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Friday, January 28, 2005

weekend gigs

Don't have much time to post but I wanted to get the gigs online for anyone who may be interested!

Tonight @ Dominic's (Peoria), 7.30-10.30 pm
w/ Kevin Hart (vibes) & Jamie Jenkins (bass)

Saturday @ Dominic's, 7.30-10.30 pm
w/ Kevin (piano) & Dan Diefendorf (drums)

Sunday @ Seminary Street Pub (Galesburg), 8 pm - midnight
w/ the Defrenstration Quartet

Should be good times with a variety of musicians. Sorry I didn't get last night's Panache gig posted. We had a great time despite the small crowd (who says that's a bad thing, anyway?) and were paid an unexpected visit by a friend of Dave Hoffman's, also a former Ray Charles trumpeter, who just happened to be in the neighborhood. He made it in time to play the final tune of the night with us.

Have a great weekend. Once I get this article I've been working overtime on finished I'll have some updates and such.


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