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Friday, April 29, 2005


Two new CDs have graced the disc changer in the living room: the new Yellowjackets recording, Altered State, and a Gary Burton's Generations. Both are superb. The 'Jackets sound as good as ever, and I'm looking forward to hearing them again live next month at the Jazz Bistro. Gary Burton has with him Julian Lage, the 16-year-old guitarist who plays up a storm. The kid was only 15 when the CD was recorded, and the liner notes notate that "Julian is currently a high school sophomore and is looking forward to getting his driver's license." That kills me!

Summer is looking good, gigwise. Have several Shoppes @ Grand Prairie gigs lined up, a couple of weddings, and a few misc. other things in addition to the regular stuff (Panache, Pere Marquette). Of course this means that between Kevin's and my busy schedule, we won't have much time to take off and actually go anywhere for a weekend (except the Iowa City Jazz Fest, which we reserve time for every year). That's what's nice about being self-employed (me) and working as a teacher (Kev)...we can take a couple days in the middle of the week during the summer and take a mini-trip. We've been talking about taking the train to Chicago for a brief getaway, so maybe that'll happen this year.

That's it for now. If anyone's out and about this weekend, we're at the Shoppes on Saturday from 4-7 pm. Let's hope it doesn't rain!


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