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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

body & soul

Title post inspired by a book I picked up from the library last weekend.

Every now and again I get an urge to rummage through the stacks to see what's up with jazz fiction. Sadly, there isn't much out there that I've discovered, although I did read an interesting novel entitled The Bear a few years ago. So Saturday I was searching for one book in particular. I had heard an archived interview on NPR's Fresh Air with novelist Frank Conroy (who recently passed away) and he was promoting his book--Body & Soul--about a young piano prodigy and it sounded interesting, so I decided to see if the local lending library had it. Found it, checked it, and I'm in the process of reading it. It's got a good, solid story (so far), descriptive writing (but not so attentive to detail that I lose my train of thought--tends to happen when 27 adjectives are strategically placed in each sentence), realistic dialogue, and accurate presentations of the thought process of a musician. I guess. I was no prodigy, but I have known at least one, and some of the characteristics seem to mesh.

What else in the news...Britney Spears is pregnant (says the MSN home page this morning) and the flags are resting at half mast for the recently departed Pope. Hmmm...do you suppose anyone has ever mentioned Spears' and PJP's names in the same sentence before? This just might be the very first time ever. We're makin' history here folks.

Short post today...gotta return to the working world. I've got two new clients to please this week plus an overdue issue of WriteTips to write/distribute. So it's back to work for me. Take care, peace 'n love 'n jazz to y'all. Hope you have a kick@$$ week.


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