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Saturday, April 23, 2005

road song

I've been a bit lax about posting this week due to a jam-packed schedule. Maneuvering my way around meetings, writing work, gigs, and practice time left but a few measly seconds, it seems, to update the blog. But now it's Saturday and I'm grateful. I have no real plans to do anything today and hope to keep it that way.

Today let's talk about something anyone with a vehicle--those who venture out beyond the city limits into interstate territory, anyway--is forced to deal with once the winter months begin to fade: CONSTRUCTION. This is going to be a killer year, at least for anyone traveling on I-74 between Peoria and Bloomington. Since I make the journey anywhere from 2-4 times each week this is an issue that deeply concerns me. I'm convinced that IDOT (IL Dept. of Transportation) has it in for those of us who want to visit either town.

First, the interstate bridge in Peoria closed for the next 6 months, which in all honesty, doesn't seem to be nearly as bad as I had anticipated. There are plenty of alternative routes to take, and if you don't follow the alt. route signs that the construction crews posted, you'll actually get where you need to be much faster. Fortunately, I'm from that area and know how to get around without any of this generous "help."

No, my big complaint now is that about 15 miles of road--on and off between Morton and Carlock--is down to one lane in both directions. I guess this is to make way for a new paving job. That's cool. I'm glad the State wants to provide us with pothole-less roads with smooth black surfaces. But I want to know...WHY NOW? Instead of the usual 45-50 minute drive to P-town, it's going to take probably just over an hour. All because there's always someone who has to drive 35 when squeezed between orange & white barrels, causing the rest of traffic to keep the same pace. And then there's the idiot who likes to ride your @$$, knowing full well that you can't go any faster than the person in front of you. Or the driver who sees that the overall speed has picked up a bit and floors the accelerator to hurry up and pick up 1/16 of a second, thinking he'll reach his destination that much sooner, only to realize that traffic isn't really picking up...and he has to slam on the brakes to avoid kissing the bumper in front of him. Problem is, he forgets this scenario quickly and the next time he gets an inch, the cycle repeats itself. Steer clear of these thoughtless drivers and make sure you leave plenty of space between the two of you, should you happen to get stuck in the rear.

The message for today, then? Please be careful out there. Drive safely. Watch for construction crews. Happy driving!


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