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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


I just offered up a pledge to WGLT 89.1 fm (that's the station's call letters and no, they don't stand for anything) to support the only full-time jazz format in the state. Every year Kevin & I contribute (usually in the fall but now I guess we'll be on the spring schedule) as it's definitely a worthy cause--esp. for us musicians--and we're able to glean new ideas for tunes. If you haven't pledged yet (and if you listen faithfully to this station) please do so now!

Added a couple of new dates to the April gig schedule (look left): April 17 & 24 with the Swing Daddies at the Shoppes at Grand Prairie. These are outdoor gigs, so I hope the weather is nice. April seems a bit early to be booking outdoor performances, but then again this is the Midwest--who knows what the weather will be like. There's a 50/50 chance of having a 90 degree heatwave or a viscous snowstorm.

I must return to work now. It's been a crazy couple of weeks--packed with meetings and project deadlines. Got 3 things due this week, not to mention my ezine, which is delayed due to my busy schedule of late.


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