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Friday, April 08, 2005

time after time

Post title inspired by the tune I'm currently listening to on the radio. Coltrane's version. Very cool.

I didn't have a chance to report on last Friday's gig at Robbie's in Springfield with Crain & crew. It was a good time...again, it felt great to play an entire gig of someone's original tunes. Nice to do something different. I love standards and I've by no means mastered any of them, but when you play the same tunes at gig after gig it's certainly refreshing to have a few jobs here and there where you can make use of some of the locals' talents. I don't have any (music) writing talent myself but there are several folks in the area who do. We should be helping them get their music out for others to enjoy!

Last night at Panache was fun also. We had a nice crowd and our trio (Steve Degenford, guitar; Jamie Jenkins, bass; and myself) worked well together. Good times.

ISU had its annual jazz festival last weekend. We went to the concert in the evening, which featured the ISU Jazz Ensemble with the guest artist: Benny Golson. If anyone claims to not have heard of Mr.Golson before, I'll prove you wrong. He's written lots of tunes--not just jazz, but also stuff most everyone has heard of, including the themes to M*A*S*H and Mission Impossible. The man plays smoothly and man, you should hear him speak. He's got the most soothing voice imaginable, and he's a great storyteller. I'd love to record him reading a book or two, then play it before I go to sleep at night. Anyway, it was great to see yet another big time jazzer perform. Many of these guys are getting up there in age...we're making a point to see them while they're still able to play. Some of the notable musicians I've had the good fortune to hear in the past few years include:

McCoy Tyner
Ray Brown (about 1 year before he passed)
Sonny Rollins
Elvin Jones (a couple years before he passed)
Roy Haynes
Curtis Fuller (he was guest artist w/ the KJE in '95)
Buster Williams
David "Fathead" Newman
Cedar Walton
Dave Brubeck

There's a lot of new talent out there, too. Making an effort to see this level of musicianship is always worthwhile and ever-inspiring.

For info on jazz festivals w/in a day's drive of Central IL, check these out:

Indianapolis, IN: Indy Jazz Fest (June 17-19)
Iowa City, IA: Iowa City Jazz Fest (July 1-3)
Quad Cities, IA: Bix Biederbecke Festival (July 28-31)


Blogger Meghan said...

Speaking of seeing the oldies, I saw Ahmad Jamal last night. It always amazes me to see a 75 year old kick so much ass. He definitely had the energy, creativity, talent and style of at least ten 20 year olds.

7:27 AM  

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