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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

darn that dream

Truly, this afternoon I composed a rather insightful post about musicians & clubowners and whose responsibility it is to publicize gigs, but Blogger went nuts, froze up, and ate my post. I'm not feeling like recreating it in its entirety right now so here's my words of advice on the subject (the abridged version):

Clubowners should promote gigs that take place in their venues. Don't complain about a lack of an audience if you do nothing to promote your business and the entertainment you've chosen to sponsor.

Musicians--you should also promote your gigs. Don't leave it up to the club to do all the work. Want people to come out and hear you? Make flyers and post them around town, start an email list, get a website or a blog and list your gigs, etc. If you advertise it, they will come!

Speaking of which, come out to Panache tomorrow night and catch yours truly with Dave Hoffman and Jamie Jenkins!


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