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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Does anyone else think the dude on the Burger King commercials is creepy? It's not just his giant plastic face (which at first glance appears to be smiling openly--take another look, however, and notice the hypnotic state of his eyes) that make my skin crawl but a combination of his frozen features and the raspy voice . And I'm not the only one who thinks this way...I just found some other folks who fear the King:

King Chat
Homoerotic analysis of the King (this honestly never crossed my mind...but well, ok...)

So anyway, I guess we need crazy days to balance out the days where nothing at all happens. Today was certainly one of those. I'm in the middle of a lesson (with one of my 4 students) when the manager/lesson coordinator sticks his head in and asks if I mind taking a new student in the 5.30 slot...tonight. I say sure, since I have a half hour to kill until my 6.00 student shows anyway. So that's one new student. A while later he comes in to let me know that 3 others have just signed up (today??!). I guess my Tuesday afternoons/evenings are booked now...no tagging along to Panache with Kevin unless the last student decides not to show. Attendance as a whole has been less than stellar, although lately everyone has shown up on time.

Other news: the Gilmore Girls season finale aired tonight, which I faithfully watched. Loreli propoed to Luke in the last few seconds of the show. His response was a shocked & baffled "What?" Such a cliffhanger! Of course they should be together, but that may change the dynamic of the show, so I'm sure the writers will throw some sort of wrench in the process. Guess I have to wait until September to find out!


Blogger Jez Chill said...

Those sick BK commercials have purged any desire I had to patronize that place. If I ever wake up with the king, I will be sure to burn him, so he won't traumatize any more innocent people.

8:14 PM  

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