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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I think I messed up the link on my previous post. I'll try again...the link for my professional site.

The holiday weekend was very productive. Got yardwork done, participated in a variety of family functions, and played a few gigs. Saturday the Swing Daddies were at Martini's...interesting gig.

Musically, it was fun...Sam Crain from Springfield (guitar) played and sounded great. I've never really played with Sam before (except for a single tune in which he sat in with this very group a few months ago) and it was a real pleasure. We did a couple of his originals--he writes great stuff and has several CDs for sale. Check out his website on CD Baby if anyone wants to hear some of his tunes...also, his personal site.

(Ah...I think I figured out this HTML-link feature.)

From an audience appreciation standpoint, however, few people seemed to even notice that live entertainment was present. Except for a table in the back corner of the bar and fellow musician/student Rob (a presently excellent and still sounding better every time violin/fiddle/sax player) and his dad, response was pretty much non-existant. Unless you count the Heineken bottles the bartenders carelessly (and loudly) tossed in the garbage cans repeatedly...is that an indirect way of applauding our efforts or is saying "please shut the heck up"? (Why DO they do that? We'll never know....)

Ah, well. Such is life.

On to other things. Like finishing this library book that's due in about a day that I'm only halfway through. It's on inter-library loan so I can't renew it...better get to it. Talk at y'all later.


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