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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Generic update
It's a beautiful Sunday afternoon...and since I swore off engaging in any sort of work today (slight pangs of guilt ensue but not nearly enough to lure me back to the work-desk) I'm headed outside to enjoy the afternoon. Might hit the trail for a bike ride or walk...good way to clear the ol' head.

This past week was quite busy. How come no one ever talks about all the meetings that arise when you work for yourself? I had to put on my "grown-up" clothes every day this week so that I would look presentable for meetings, ribbon cuttings, and lunchtime engagement. I'm not really complaining...new and recurring clients are a good thing! And networking is a necessity. Gotta let people know you're out there! It does finally seem to be paying off...met with one new potential client today and spoke with two others who don't need work now, but may in the future. And as I check my email from yesterday I realized a resume arrived in my inbox for review.

Music stuff
Gigs were good this week/end. Didn't perform, per se, yesterday but I took part in a recording session. Think I mentioned this before...Sam Crain is working on a new CD and asked me to guest on one of his originals. The studio experience, as short as it was for me, has already helped me begin to overcome my fear of immortalizing my playing via recordings. It's different performing live...you make a mistake, you do something later to make everyone forget about it (if they even noticed in the first place) and it's over and done. But on a recording errors are permanent. And in the studio, time is money, and you can't mess around with 27 takes on one tune. We did 3...and one of those was just a practice take. Even so, I think things went ok and I'm interested to hear the finished product.

So, maybe I'm ready to consider working on a recording of my own. But I don't know. Locals keep asking when I'm going to do this. I've given vague answers thus far...truthfully, I want to have something worthwhile to contribute if/when I do undertake such a project. Sam writes his own stuff, which is great, and Kevin does, too. (His recording project is nearing the final phases, btw, and it's going to be absolutely fantastic!). But I don't write tunes, and I'm kinda just an average sax player who does all right in the local music scene. Nothing flashy, nothing fancy, nothing overtly original. I don't play a lot of notes, I don't hang out in the altissimo register (people love that), and I'm not extremely innovative. But I enjoy playing music, I dig the company of other musicians, and more often than not we all have a good time. That makes playing worth it in my eyes. And of course, it's always rewarding when listeners are pleased with what they're hearing.

I could go into the whole financial aspect of performing, but let's leave that for another time, shall we? (Got a great story about that....)

Since these days are getting shorter and the sun is beginning to dip towards the horizon, I'd better get my rear outdoors and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Gig updates are forthcoming for the week as are various, unstructured ramblings. Looking forward to sharing with you!



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