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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Good news!
I've decided that using headings really help separate the big blocks of text I keep adding to this blog. I know how to write for the web (read: short sentences! lots of white space! short paragraphs! chunk information!) but since this is a casual blog I tend to let the information architecture part slide a bit.

But that's not the good news I'm talking about. Today I was finally able to set up an interview with Nicholas Payton! I managed to track his agent down, who put me in touch with his assistant, who scheduled an interview for tomorrow morning. I'm supposed to call him at 11:30 am and we'll have a great chat. I understand he's a really nice guy...just wish I could treat him to coffee or something instead of just a conversation with me. But hey, publicity's publicity, ain't it? And WP is a respected mag...last month Sonny Rollins was featured (as was Mindi Abair...but we don't need to discuss that)!

So I'm pretty excited. I need to go over my questions and make sure they sound intelligent.

Other writing gigs
Boy when it rains it pours. I'm working on a brochure for a local law firm, an article for another mag, a press kit for Carl Anderson's New Orleans Jazz Band, and have a potential brochure project for the local Home Sweet Home Mission in the works.

I seem to be getting into project management as I have been coordinating design and printing duties as well as taking care of the writing. That's ok...I can offer a complete package rather than just supplying the writing and saying, "ok, now find yourself a designer and take these to Kinko's to print up your 2,000 brochures." (Most folks don't know where to start, and they don't have the time to mess with this sort of thing.) I've got a couple of designers that I've worked with who are very reliable, and I've forged a relationship with a great printing company. My business is really moving forward and I'm starting to feel the air of excitement that comes with success. Right now I am smiling!

Gig gigs--er, music gigs
Another busy week/end:

Thursday, September 30
@ Panache with Dave Hoffman (piano) and Jamie Jenkens (bass)
7:30 - 10:00 pm

Friday, October 1
@ the Hotel Pere Marquette w/ the Fulton Street Gang
5:00 - 7:30 pm

Sunday, October 3
@ the Shoppes at Grand Prairie w/ Cassie Hart & Friends
1:00 - 4:0o pm

And finally...
I'm trying to add more links to keep this blog a bit more exciting. See who the folks are that I talk about here if you so desire, and jump around like you're supposed to on the web. Linear text is outee, y'all. Keep it fun but remember to check back here for more!


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