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Sunday, October 17, 2004

A post...finally
Apologies for neglecting to keep this blog updated. Things have been really busy and unfortunately, the regular postings have received the short end of the stick in the process. So sorry!

Actually, I did post something last week. It was kind of long and ranting...and the next thing I knew it disappeared before I tried to post. That's probably a sign...I wrote it after a gig and I was complaining about ettiquette and I'd hate for anyone to identify himself/herself (ya right, like there are more than 2 people reading this...and I'm confident that they don't even know this thing exists) but you never know. I don't like to make anyone mad. But if you cant vent in your own blog where can you?

Very excited about it being a Sunday today. I have no real obligations...got to finish the Payton article (it's written but needs a final bit of clean up before sending it on) and I thought I'd fertilize the yard. Yesterday I used my new edging tool to define the flower beds and garden...this $10 tool works like a charm! Very little man---er, woman---power used and it seems to be holding together all right. Plus my hosta bed and the garden look great. Now I just need to get some mulch down and it'll be ready to go for the winter. Much thanks to the This Old House crew for showing me how to do it properly.

Homeowner plugs the "original" makeover show
That's my new favorite show, by the way. The This Old House hour on PBS. Actually, the spinoff, Ask This Old House, is even better...people write in and the most knowledgeable member of the crew pulls up in the trailer and helps people fix stuff in their homes. I've learned a lot and my new goal is to find a way to get these guys to my house and be on the show. I have a few problems I could present...my front windows that have condensation between the panes, a strange impression appears on the ceiling in the hallway...I'm sure if I looked I could find other minor problems. But being a homeowner, meaning I have to spend money to fix stuff (no landlord to call!), I don't go looking for problems. Fortunately, Kevin is very handy and if he doesn't know how to fix something off the bat, he's the patient sort and will take the time to figure it out. Bless that man!

And go to the TOH website if you haven't yet. It's got all kinds of cool stuff...tips, a rundown of older shows, a discussion forum, and a webcam on their current renovation project, an old farmhouse in Carlisle, MA.

Finally...music update
Don't have my calendar on my right now but I'm pretty sure the only gigs to mention for the week are the usual...Panache on Thursday and the Pere on Friday...and a Rhythm Kitchen gig on Saturday. But I'll double check the schedule and post accurate information later this week.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday. And get outside and take in the beautiful colors now before they're lost to heavy frost, chilly temps, and--gasp--snow!!


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