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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hello World!
Yes, that means you. And anyone else that isn't reading this, but should be. Ha.

I'm real busy but wanted to take some time to post a bit o' info here today. First, I need to give an update on the Nicholas Payton interview. We talked last Wednesday. He's a super nice guy. And very articulate. He's got definite views about jazz and the youth today...he's an advocate of education and music and holds very positive views about communicating his thoughts to kids today. I've transcribed the interview and when I have time, I may post a few quotes here. Anyway, I hope to write up the profile piece this week and eventually it will appear in WP.

I've got deadlines galore this week so I need to get back to work. 2 brochures and the above-mentioned article. The weekend's gig schedule is forthcoming...watch for it!


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