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Monday, January 10, 2005

gray skies, frowning at me

Seems like every entry here gripes about the weather but *whine* it's so shi*%y out!
We haven't seen the sun for about two weeks and it's been cold, icy, snowy, and rainy. All at the same time. I'm ready for spring!

Got my first gardening catalogue of the season. Last year I ordered $80 worth of stuff and only the hostas lived. I accept fault, partly, for the refusal of my caladiums to break the soil's surface, though. I originally planted a half dozen under a smoketree, which ended up with verticillium wilt and had to be removed. When I went to dig up the caladiums, I ended up cutting right through two of them (oops). So those I didn't think would live. (I was right.) The rest, save one, didn't grow at all.

So this year I'm not sure I want to go the catalogue route. I can, however, get $20 worth of plants free with a $40 order, so maybe I'll go ahead and spend the $20, get $20 worth of free stuff, and take a chance. I noticed a mailbox layout/seed package that looks pretty nice. Perhaps I'll give it a whirl.

I have a bit more work to do this afternoon for the writing biz, then I'm gonna drag out the horn and blow a little. I've been playing some soprano lately, something I've usually only done on ocassion in my group. Been bringing it to Panache every so often. There are a couple of tunes we're doing that the sop lends itself to nicely: "Question & Answer" by Pat Metheny and "Morning" by Claire Fischer are the two I'm working on. The hardest part about playing sop and alto is if I end up transposing first on alto and then on sop, or vice versa, I have to try to remember to transpose everything accurately. I see why it's mostly tenor players who double on soprano regulaly...they're both Bb instruments! It is a bit rough on the brain switching from Eb to Bb when reading from a C part. But that's good for me, right?


Gigs for the week will be forthcoming in a day or two. Please check back!


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