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Saturday, January 15, 2005

for lack of a better title

Whoo-hoo! A "real" person signed my guestbook! I say "real" b/c the first two posts were done my me as a test to see if the thing even worked. Thanks for checkin' in. I hope to hear from more of you! You can say whatever ya want...tell me my blog is the best thing you've ever read (yeah, right) or let me know that it stinks...just steer clear of 4-letter words please. My tender eyes might not be able to handle it.

My email pal in MD sent me a few more of his original tunes, plus a tape of his band playing two of them. Haven't listened to it yet because the tape deck isn't hooked up. But I'd like to read through these tunes soon. I think it's great that many musicians are kind enough to share their compositions with others. I love playing friends' tunes...it's nice to play something different (as much as I love Stella by Starlight it's healthy to run through a fresh song every now and then) and it's good for the audience to hear something different. There are a lot of local folks who write great stuff...I'm trying to play more of their tunes on gigs these days. So thanks for sharing, everyone!

Panache was considerably slower this past Thursday. The kids have gone back to school and the weather is cold, and I think a lot of people just don't want to leave their house. I don't blame them. I considered calling off the gig this week as it was snowing heavily earlier in the day. But it quit by 3 or so, and it was a wet snow so it melted fairly quickly on the roads. We had fun, anyway. A couple of people were even playing attention--we made $3 in tips. At first I thought we only raked in a buck, but two $1 coins were resting at the bottom of the tip jar. I paid 2/3 of the trio $1 each and gave the remaining single to the staff. Some nights you win big, some nights you win small. Doesn't really matter...since the "reformation" the gig is always fun. I sure don't do it for the money!

Got a gig tonight at the Rhythm Kitchen and a Monday night gig as well...some private thing. Don't know what it's for though. Might be a MLK celebratory dinner...if it is, I'm sure we'll be the only white guys in the house.

So local folks, if you're out and about tonight stop by the RK and catch the Swing Daddies! Location: Water Street, downtown Peoria. Time: 7.30-10.30 pm.

Hope to see you there.

And please, sign my guest book! :-)


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