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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Thought I'd mess around a bit with font size here, just to see if anyone complains about not being able to read tiny text on a computer screen. I think I can make it even smaller...there, is that too difficult to read?

Sorry, just being goofy on this overtly overcast Saturday morning. Spring's tomorrow and that's a good thing. My tulips (planted by the former homeowners) have been pushing through the ground for a few weeks now, and that's another sure sign that we'll be leaving the doldrums of winter behind shortly.

Played last night at the CAC. The crowd was intimate. That's a polite way of saying the attendance wasn't very good. I think that since the CAC has been having music every Friday night (instead of twice monthly like before) that the number of folks coming out has dwindled. That's my second gig there since the CAC instituted this change and the results have been the same both times.

It was an ok gig...kind of weird in a way. Usually folks are talking the entire time, which generates some noise in addition to what the band is doing. Some folks think this is annoying...but I kind of like it. I don't expect anyone to show up and devote their attention entirely to the band. Music is a social thing, so it's good to come out with your buddies, talk a little, listen a little, laugh a little (but not at the music please).

Anyway, last night the crowd was SILENT and it was sort of odd. I'd speak on the mic in between tunes and feel like everyone's eyes were drilling right through my head. The crowd was appreciative...they applauded after solos and tunes, but they didn't seem very excited. I guess that's what really seemed strange. I couldn't tell if they liked what we were doing or not.

William, the guy who runs the show at the CAC, paid us a nice compliment, tho. He said that most jazz groups show up, play standards all night, and plaster every tunes with long solos. "I know jazz is about improvisation," he said, isasmany words. "but it's nice to hear songs, too...you know...."

I do know. He meant songs with actual arrangements. And songs where everyone doesn't take a 20 minute solo. He even noticed that we added some new tunes to our repertoire, even though he didn't know the songs per se. We didn't play a jazz standard all night. Which the band liked, and apparently William liked, but I'm not so sure the crowd liked it.

Well I'm off for the rest of the weekend, which is nice because I seem to have picked up a cold and I'm going through Kleenex like crazy. I'm pretty sure I contracted whatever virus that's making my days and nights miserable from playing Knox's soprano at Baga. The reeds in the case weren't exactly fresh and the mouthpiece probably hasn't been cleaned in years. I would've brought at least my own mpc & reeds, but of course we left in a hurry and I didn't even think of it. So here I am, sniffling, sneezing, and honking. Poor me.

Enjoy the weekend, all. I'll see you back here soon.


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