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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

outta the loop

Somebody asked me the other day about jazz gigs in Peoria. While I could name several places they could go to hear music, I couldn't tell them much more because I haven't been to any of the venues. I don't live in town any more (haven't for about 7 years) and having a child limits the amount of time I can travel 45 minutes just to hang out. I'm feeling a bit detatched from the scene, I must admit. In fact, I'm feeling detatched from music in general these days. I play on Thursdays but other gigs have been few and far between, and I am fine with that. For now, anyway. Every now and then I'll pop in a CD and think, man, if I could just practice I could really play some cool $hi! Then the moment passes and real life takes over, leaving about two minutes each day to work on, well, anything. And by the time I get my horn together and find a reed that plays well those minutes have passed.

But if you're looking for live music along the I-74 corridor, I'm at least in tune with what's going on, even if I can't tell you much about it. Here's a few spots to hit if you want to hear jazz:

Tuesdays - Panache w/ Kevin Hart & Mike Nellas 8-10 pm
Wednesdays - Peoria Pizza Works w/ the CIJO 7 pm (?)
Thursdays - Basta O'Neill's (in Washington) w/ Larry Harms' Trio
Thursdays - Panache w/ yours truly and various guests 8-10 pm
Fridays - Panache w/ David Hoffman's Trio 5:00-7:30 pm
Fridays - Emon Patricks w/ Todd Kelly Quintet
Saturdays - Panache w/ Bradley Jazz Combo (every other)

Wednesdays - Cosi w/ Kevin Hart's duo
Fridays/Saturdays - Swinger's w/ misc. jazz groups