I'm a freelance writer by day and a working jazz musician by night, and often I am able to combine my two lines of work. This blog is for posting gigs & various rants about music and life in general.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

last post of 2007

I have to admit I haven't been listening to much jazz lately. I usually get the most listening time in when I'm driving, and now that my playing schedule is pretty minimal (once a week mostly) my driving time is also limited. I did get a Yellowjackets fix in over the holiday, as Kevin bought me Peace Round, the YJ's Christmas CD, for my birthday. Good stuff.

Wish I had more to say here. But hey, it's a post, right? Can't say I've been neglecting this blog entirely. More when it happens...happy new year, all!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

loooong time no post!

It's a record, folks...almost a year since my last post here. Well, I've been busy, it's true. Not so much with gigs though. It's been kind of slow in that department (though I did just have the opportunity to play behind the Temptations this past weekend, cool gig). Mostly I've been playing at Panache on Thursdays and dabbling in an occasional private party here and there.

I have a stack of CDs a jazz promo company has sent me in hopes of receiving reviews, so I hope to get to some of those soon. Soon being in the next couple of months, anyway.

For now I just wanted to let anyone checking in that yes, I AM still alive and so are my horns, and I have high hopes of becoming a more active jazz-blogger in 2008. I also hope to create a MySpace page, as I seem to be the only musician on the planet without one.

Happy holidays to all, and see you in 2008!