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Monday, August 02, 2004

Warning: Sandals can be dangerous weapons of knee destruction!

I say this because I just ripped the $&%* out of mine as I unfolded my legs from my leisurely ah-I'm-done-with-work-at-my-desk-for-the-day position. One leg tucked under the other, no pressure on any one area, no restrictive blood flow to contribute to ugly vein growth. Only when I untangled myself from this pretzel-like position the buckle of my sandal caught my knee and I now have a glaringly red (and still seeping) half circle branded on my skin. When I look at it, it seems to be grinning at me. Trust me, I'm not grinning back.

I was going to write about my semi-productive day...I finished one editing project and picked up another, caught up with some bills and forms due this week, made an attempt to follow up with a few potential writing clients (which means I left a lot of voice mail messages), set a lesson time for a new sax student, and confirmed a gig for next Monday. Sounds like a lot, eh? I still didn't meet my goals for the day, though. I really wanted to get going on an article that's due next Tuesday for B2B magazine and I wanted to get cracking on some brochure content. I didn't get any writing done, but at least I cleared the ol' desk off and will have tomorrow free for the creative juices to flow. Right now, all that's flowing is blood from my stupid knee.

Better go find the peroxide.


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