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Monday, August 09, 2004

Finally, I feel modern. Got set up with a couple of cell phones this weekend. We've been talking about doing this for about...oh, forever...and made the effort on Saturday. Now we can discard the old one--probably the only analog phone still in existence--and use these cool new flip phones with color screens and way more gadgets that we'll ever need. I don't need to do email with my phone, I just wanna make a few calls every now and then. Take pictures with my phone? Thanks, but my (equally out-of-date-as-the-analog-model) 35 mm camera will do that. But I will admit, these extra features (even if they aren't activated on these particular phones) are kinda neat.

Other than that, the weekend was fairly uneventful. Saturday was gig-less, so we shampooed the carpets. Sunday the Swing Daddies played at the gate for the Cheifs game. That was a neat gig. The new ballfield is really nice. And right smack dab in center field is a great view of downtown Peoria. Pretty cool.

I just finished an afternoon of editing and I'm getting ready to head to a *gasp* in-town gig at the Crestwick Country Club. It's short and early and pays well for a Mon. night. Toodles....


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