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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Found an interesting website the other day called All About Jazz (AAJ). It's full of articles, interviews, musings, and more and is true to its name...it's definitely all about jazz. Apparently anyone can submit articles, so I signed up to do so. I don't have anything ready yet, but I thought an overview of the Iowa City Jazz Festival might be a good place to start. The festival is probably the best-run event I've ever attended, and top name acts headline each year. The setting is beautiful and the people are super nice. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to be a contributor to AAJ. I'll try to get motivated to write something this weekend, maybe.

It would be awesome to actually interview some national jazzers. A lot of clubs, like the Jazz Showcase in Chicago and the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis, are perfect venues for sitting down with the performers for a chat. Problem is, there are usually a bunch of people gathered around also waiting to talk with the featured musicians. So I guess I'd have to go by the book and schedule a meeting with musicians' booking agents. Which would be ok. Some one-on-one time with Kenny Garrett? Or the Yellowjackets? Or Kenny G? (Just kiddin' on that one :-)


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