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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It's not too late to post gigs for the week, is it? The holiday's got my schedule out of whack.

Wednesday, September 8
The Swing Daddies at Fat Jack's
7:00 - 10:00 pm

Thursday, Sept. 9
with Larry Harms (piano) and Jamie Jenkins (bass) at Panache

No Pere for me on Friday due to a private thing but you can catch Larry, this time on sax, with the Fulton Street Gang.

So, I spent a good deal of today trying to track down a source for Nicholas Payton. I tried his website first to get in touch with his agent. No luck. The agent's website has dead links all over it. Next I tried Warner Bros. as they're backing his latest CD, but it's impossible to get much info about anyone other than today's hottest (and lame) pop stars. I did finally locate an email address, to which I sent a brief query about obtaining an interview, and immediately got an autoresponder that was completely incoherent.

But thanks to Laura Kennedy, a wonderfully entertaining and funny local radio personality on WGLT, I might have another shot. She knows someone who works at WB and gave me his phone number. At least, she thinks he's still there. I'm game to try anything, especially since the WP Pres noted that he'd like the article in a week and a half!

I have a newsletter to put together tonight--it's one I volunteer to do, so I won't work on it during "billing" hours--and I'd better get at it. But first I need to get to the library and return a movie that we didn't get around to watching this week. (Blair Witch Project. Is it any good? Anyone know? Anyone? Bueller?) It's due today and I really don't want another fine. Bloomington Library is pretty stern about late charges, and I don't want that steely glare that the librarians shoot at you when you hand them a belated checkout item. It's scary.

So off I go.


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