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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Happy hump day!

Wednesday it is, though just about 36 minutes shy of Thursday morning, Central Time. Just got back from one of Normal's 3 regular jazz gigs. I didn't play, but went with a couple of friends to hear Kevin and two other locals. Left a bit early because the place gets incredibly smokey and my eyes begin to water and my nose begins to plug up. Being a non-smoker this annoys me greatly but rather than preach to the crowd (you can't preach nicotine evils to a bar crowd) I just left. The music was good, though. And the company was grand. So I really have no complaints.

Today was one of those "feast" days. Anyone who is either a musician or self-employed (or both, like me) knows what I'm talking about. I answered the phone every time it rang (this is unusual since most calls are solicitations, which waste precious time) and each time it was something important. A couple of potential gigs and a couple of potential writing jobs. I should pick up more often! The past month has been more of the "famine" like...no new gigs and no writing jobs that resulted in actual cash. So today was a good day.

I think I will sign off for the night. I've been checking out other blogs using the "next blog" option on the screen. Some are interesting and others aren't so much. I tend to like the ones that are set up in journal/diary style...guess it comes from being a nosy person. It's neat to have a glimpse into someone else's life, even if it's just a tiny glimpse. It shows how different we all are...and makes me appreciate that fact. The folks that use excessive "net lingo" kind of make it tough to read, though. You know, the posts that refuse to incorporate capital letters that spell words incorrectly on purpose and that leave out vowels and that use "UR" instead of "you are" and such. Example:

tdy i wnt to jimmies house. plyd cps & rbbrs & told jimmie he needs to wsh his sox. they smell BAD n he dsnt realize how terrible they R. i told him, UR sooo unsanitary & he said he dnt care.

So much for signing off for the night. I could continue to rant about why American youths (or "yutes" as Joe Pesci humorously quipps in "My Cousin Vinny") can't read, write, or spell but I will stop now. Nobody wants to read about this stuff and I don't actually care to pontificate in blog-style so I think, I think...I'll just go to bed. G'night, world.


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