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Monday, September 06, 2004

It's Labor Day, so today I am honoring the tradition and so far, I've done nothing worth mentioning here (except get caught in the rain on a bike ride). There's lots to do, though, and I feel as if I need to get my rear seated at my desk and get some work done despite the holiday. I'm motivated, especially since this week was exciting on the writing front...got a new client & will be helping revise a severely outdated brochure and...here's my favorite...I may have an assignment for Windplayer magazine! I've been in contact with the president of the mag and we've been discussing the possibility of writing something for one of his magazines (he also publishes School Music Dealer and a few other music-related texts). Recently he asked me to pitch him a few names of musicians that would be interesting to WP readers. I selected Bob Mintzer (severely under-rated tenor man and composer, father of the Bob Mintzer Big Band and sax guy/composer/arranger of the Yellowjackets, educator and personal muse), Jane Bunnett (female soprano sax/flute player and leader of Spirits of Havana), and Nicholas Payton (30ish trumpet player who has made waves since his teens and is still going strong). The Pres asked me to do a profile on Payton, so I need to contact his agent this week and see if I can set up a phone interview. I'm pretty excited about this, for sure. Getting regular assignments like this would be a very cool thing. Guess we'll see what happens!

The other things I should be doing include boring household chores (my blinds really need cleaned) and practicing. Had a couple of extensive sessions with Band-in-a-Box this week and now I've got a raw spot on my face. Haven't been woodshedding much this summer (and it shows!) so I guess I'm out of shape. The spot under my lower lip no longer has the red, crusty look, though. It's starting to heal over, so I should be back at it, maybe even this afternoon.

Enjoy the holiday!


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